Miniature air quality monitoring systems

Taking into account the effects of increasing air pollution on human health, Cairpol allows new real-time measurement possibilities of pollutants (gas, odor or particulate) even at very low concentrations.

Completely autonomous and able to detect ppb pollution levels, Cairpol miniature sensors cause a great stir in the air quality monitoring world, with an installation cost level never being so low until now.

Initially designed to warn asthmatics of real-time pollution levels, Cairpol patented technology finds many applications within the industrial fields. One such application is fugitive emissions monitoring networks, which previously was too costly with conventional monitoring systems.

With its compact, autonomous, easy to set up, sensitive and reliable sensors that can be used even in extreme conditions, the radio frequency communication systems and ultra low power consumption, Cairpol systems can be networked to provide optimal coverage and measurement of air pollution over a vast area from a single computer.

Cairpol systems can be used for fugitive emissions and odor measurement on industrial sites like waste water treatment plant (WWTP), landfill, compost plant, along a street or motorway, or in any sensitive area…

Cairpol monitoring systems also offer the possibility to measure continuously pollutant levels in workshop atmospheres, houses and public buildings.

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